General terms and conditions

Updated: February 2020

I. Contract

1. Registration, Realisation of Contract, Payment Due Date

1.1. Event participation is generally only possible following previous registration. Exception: open events.

1.2. You can register for our events in person, by telephone, in writing or online. Fees are generally paid by PayPal or by credit card. If you register in person, you can additionally pay in cash or by EC card.

1.3. Your registration for the events run by Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt is binding and the fee is payable at once. If the bank fails to execute the direct debit transaction, you must bear the bank charges incurred.

1.4. Please note the separate instructions for the respective courses and the conditions of withdrawal.

2. Scope of Services

2.1. The event description found in the programme exclusively states the event content. Oral promises or descriptions are non-binding. Tutors are not entitled to make individual arrangements.

2.2. vhs Weiden-Neustadt reserves the right to have events held by other tutors. If there is a practical reason to do so, vhs can change the time and venue or individual date(s) of an event, insofar as this is not unreasonable for the participants.

3. Study trips and excursions

Study trips and excursions organised by a third party as the contractual partner do not fall under the jurisdiction of Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt. The terms of trade of the travel organiser in question apply. In these cases no contractual relationship is created between the vhs Weiden-Neustadt and the customer.

4. Coupons, Transferability and Redemption Deadline

vhs-Weiden-Neustadt coupons are only personal, they can´t be used up to three years after the purchase date.

II. Contract Amendments

6. Cancellation by the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt, Cancellation of an Event

6.1. Events can fail to be held or can be cancelled by the Volkshochschule

a) if the tutor is unable to hold the event, or

b) if a required minimum number of students fail to register.

If an event fails to be held, the Volkshochschule shall notify you immediately.

If it takes you a long time to reach your event, please check in advance with the registration office that the event is taking place.

6.2. If an event is cancelled, we will naturally refund you for the fee you have paid.

6.3. If the number of participants on an event is limited, Volkshochschule reserves the right to over-occupy the event, insofar as this is not unreasonable for the participants in consideration of the content and concept of the event.

7.Cancellation by the Participant, Changing Event

7.1. Should you be unable to attend the registered event, cancellation is only possible provided that you give written notification that you wish to cancel the event not later than three working day before the evet begins. Unless you have to pay the full course fees.

7.2. If you withdraw, the fee you have paid will be refunded.

7.3. In case of illness or accident at long-term courses we need a medical certificate to cancel. In this case you have to pay 20 % fees and therefore you get a refund for the missed course days.

III. Further Conditions of Contract

8. Copyright

Due to copyright restrictions, please note that photographing, filming or recording is not allowed at any event. Teaching material may only be utilised and, in particular, copied, distributed or publicly recited with the written authorisation of the Volkshochschule.

9. Liability, Notification Duty

The Volkshochschule is only liable in the event of gross negligence or intent on behalf of the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt or its agents. Notwithstanding the above, the vhs Weiden-Neustadt is also liable in cases of ordinary negligence where there is injury to life, limb or health, as well as in the case of a breach of fundamental contractual obligations.

Should any health risks (present allergies, health risks during pregnancy) arise during your participation to an event, it is your obligation explicitly to notify the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt about the risks before the beginning of the event.

10. Communications to the Volkshochschule

10.1. All communications aimed at the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt can be addressed to the registration offices listed in the programme either in person or in writing.

10.2. Please send emails to the following email address

IV. Important Information

11. Advice and Placement Tests

Before registration, you have the opportunity to consult the department for advice. Particularly designated events require preliminary consultation and placement tests.

Please note that it is not possible to attend an event on a trial basis.

12. Payment of Materials

Our tutors buy materials (excluding textbooks) for their respective events with their own means. Payment for these materials shall be collected only in cash by the tutor at the event.

Please address any complaints about materials to the tutors.

We recommend not buying any event material or textbooks until it has been confirmed that the event will actually take place.

Discounts cannot be granted on costs of materials (see section 12.1).

13. Advertising and Selling

Please note that advertising third party products and services and offering wares of any kind commercially and for payment is prohibited in the events of the Volkshochschule. You, the participant, are not obliged to buy any merchandise. We request that you notify the Volkshochschule immediately of any violation of this provision.

14. For Adults

The Volkshochschule is an institution established to provide adult education. We therefore hope you understand that children and young people may attend events only if the event description explicitly states so.

15. Childcare Services

For some programmes marked, the Volkshochschule offers childcare services. Children are cared for by trained and experienced staff.

16. Wheelchair Access

Events at the Luitpoldstraße 24 in Weiden are accessible for wheelchair.

17. No-Smoking Policy

Please note that there is a general no-smoking policy in place on all our premises.

18. Pets

No pets are allowed in the courses. This applies to all events. Guide dogs (for the blind) are an exception.

19. Guests in the Schools

The Volkshochschule, the teachers and the participants are guests in the schools. We therefore call your attention to the school rules and regulations.

20. Data Protection

Personal data are recorded, stored and processed solely for our own administrative purposes and in accordance with the data protection law. You will find our data protection policy statement at

V. Particular Conditions for the Use of Computers

21. Use of Software

21.1. Programs made available within the context of the event are not to be modified, copied, distributed or made publicly accessible in any way. The use of such programs is only permitted for the purpose of event participation.

21.2. If this provision is not complied with, the participant is liable for resulting damages.

22. Internet Access

22.1. If the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt provides Internet access, this is only to be used within the context of the event. Web pages of a pornographic, racist or discriminatory nature are not to be accessed.

22.2. If this provision is not complied with, the participant is liable for resulting damages.

23. Loss of Data, Computer Viruses

23.1. Each participant is responsible for the protection of their own data. The Volkshochschule shall not assume liability for loss of data.

23.2. The Volkshochschule shall not assume liability for damages caused by the use of acquired knowledge or through the use of created or modified programs, or through computer viruses or other destructive programs.

23.3. Points 23.1 and 23.2 are not applicable in case of major negligence or intent on behalf of the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt or its agents.

VI. Final Provisions

24. Final Provisions

24.1. Should individual provisions of the contract or of these terms and conditions become invalid, either in full or in part, the remaining parts of the contract shall hereby remain valid.

24.2. The Volkshochschule reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions with effect for the future.

24.3. The publication of these terms and conditions renders all previous versions invalid.

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