Data privacy statement

Effective: February 2020

1. General

Personal data is information that identifies a person or is identifiable as a person. An identifiable person would someone who can be, directly or indirectly, attributed to an identifier such as a name, a recognition code, a location, or an online label. It can also someone who can be identified by one or more special features, such as one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural, or social identity. (Art.4, Paragraph DSGVO).

Vhs Weiden-Neustadt values the protection of personal data. The administration of personal data is in accord with the Bavarian Data Protection law (BayDSG) as well as the “Telemediengesetz” (TMG). All employees of the VHS, as well as meticulously chosen service companies, are obliged to keep all personal data private and to follow the data protection laws.

For queries, please contact our Data Protection representative at

Norbert Meißner

Meißner EDV-Service & Bürotechnik

Kahlhofstr. 32

92242 Hirschau

(E-Mail:; Phone: 00499622-71280; Fax: 09622-823819)

Further information on the topic of Data Protection can be found at

2. Course Booking, Online-booking, Online-registration

For course bookings (initiation, completion, processing and reverse transactions), and for the related services (e.g., securing the correspondence between the customer and VHS), we will gather, save, and process personal data during the ordering and booking process as well as when completing an online booking or registration. Required details on the registration form, by online-booking or online-registration, will be used for the completion of pre-contract measures and contract compliance. There is a differentiation between compulsory and voluntary data. Without the mandatory data (name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth), no contract can be completed.

The date of birth is required to ensure that you are of age, or for those under-age, to ensure appropriate conditions are met. Also, for specialized courses such as courses for children or teenagers, the date of birth may be compulsory. Your telephone number is required to guarantee that we can contact you with regards to any changes to your course details.

The VHS Weiden-Neustadt will not use personal data for advertising or opinion polling without your consent.

There will be no consequences of not providing voluntary data. Of course, all such data will remain anonymous and will be kept purely for statistics to optimize our offer. An inference to you personally is not possible.

By providing IBAN, surname, first name, and address of the account holder, you can set up a direct debit command. If you do not provide the required bank details, a direct debit will not function, and you will have to pay the course fees by other means.

All data provided by you will be saved electronically. IT service companies employed by us may access the databanks and programs. The provision of data by them is neither statutorily nor contractually required.

In the online-booking and/or registration process, your data will be encrypted (SSL) and securely transmitted. You will recognize this through the padlock symbol in the address bar of your browser. Our website is protected through technical measures against damage, destruction, and unauthorized access.

2.1 Confirmation of registration via email

We hereby inform you that when booking online, via telephone, or in writing, you will receive the booking confirmation unencrypted via email. As the confirmation of registration is also the invoice, your address is specified as the invoice address. Your account details, except for four numbers, are abbreviated.

3. Storage Period and Deletion

Upon the conclusion of the contract, your details will be deleted unless legal obligations for record-keeping exist. In such cases, the data will be kept for up to 10 years. Your data will be disabled except for permitted/requested (postal) advertising.

Unless you have registered yourself in “My Account” (see no. 2.3) or have given us, by other means, the permission to save these details, bank details will be deleted 36 months after the last use, i.e., on revocation of the data collection authorization, successful payment of course fees, or at the end of a standing order period.

The data you have provided for contact purposes will be deleted when communication has come to an end, or your issues have been resolved if this data is not required for contract purposes. Data required for communication regarding legal claims will be kept until the end of the period of limitation.

4. Transfer of Data to Third Parties

To prepare course content and materials, the course leaders typically receive, via the encrypted lecturer portal, a list of participants on which only your first and last name is noted. Only in exceptional cases (i.e., in short-term substitution cases or for factory tours) by unencrypted e-mail. Furthermore, we will only give your email address and telephone number to the course leader for preparation and provision if this is mandatory to fulfill contractual obligations. Sharing of this information would include making contact to make appointments for one-to-one lessons as well as for late changes to course details (e.g., weather changes for an excursion)

For the participation in certified examinations and tests (e.g., Cambridge or TELC language certificates, Xpert, Finanzbuchhalter, School-leaving certificates), we will send the required data to the relevant examining body. These transfers serve the contractual obligations. For the participation in integration courses, we must provide your name and other required contact details to the Federal Agency for Migration and Refugees (“BAMF”). Furthermore, for nationally funded courses and others that are supported by the Job Agency, a transfer of data may be required. Such transfers are based on a legal obligation.

The transfer of data to third parties may be made when necessary for the processing of contracts.

• When payment is made via a payment service (e.g., PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, etc.), your details will be passed on to the Payment intermediary.

• Should you be in default with a payment, your details (name, address, date of birth) will be handed over to a collection service provider so that payment enforcement can be made.

• Study trips and excursions offered by third parties and VHS Weiden-Neustadt affiliates are not events offered by the Volkshochschule Weiden-Neustadt. The general terms and conditions of the tour operator apply. The tour operator will receive name, surname, address, telephone number, and email address of the registered passengers and passport details if necessary.

Details passed on may only be used by service providers to complete contractual obligations.

Your personal data will only be passed on to third parties when we are legally obligated to do so by way of a court order or if you have provided us with permission.

5. Making Contact

You can use our contact form for any inquiries; it is SSL-encrypted and, therefore, cannot be accessed during its transfer by third parties.

If you send us a message via the contact form, your personal data is only saved if it is necessary for the process of your inquiry. We will handle your data in line with the regulations of the Data Protection Law and take the greatest of precautionary measures to ensure their security. You can find out about which of your data has been saved:

Third parties can read the information which you send to us via electronic mail (email) during the transfer. We cannot generally check your identity and are unable to know who is behind an email. If you would like to send information that requires protection, we would recommend you do this via the regular postal service.

We have a filter, as all email companies do, against unsolicited advertising (spam) this can lead to some general emails being put into the spam file and deleted. Any emails that contain a virus are automatically deleted.

6. Technical Implementation of the Website

Our Web-server and the Content Management System is operated by ITEM KG, Nobelstrasse 8, 49716 Meppen.

7. Protocolling

When you open our webpages, data is transferred between your internet browser and our web server. This is not due to a specific function of our website; this data would be generated through access to any website. The following data will be logged during communication between your internet browser and our web-server:

• Date and time

• Name of the requested file

• Page from where the file was requested

• Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)

• Web browser and operating system used

• The complete IP address of the computer used

• Amount of data transferred

On ending the connection, the recording terminates. The recorded data is not stored on our web-server. Personal details, actively provided by you during your visit to our website, will be used, saved, and processed for the completion of course bookings and other related services provided by VHS (see no. 2).

8. Cookies

On accessing this website, cookies (small files) will be saved onto your hard drive with a validity of 6 months. These are only used to identify you throughout your visit and future visits to our website. Cookies offer the advantage that you need not repeatedly fill in personal information. Most browser settings automatically accept cookies; however, this function can be switched off for the duration of the individual visit or permanently.

The following services are, however, only possible when cookies are allowed:

• the booking of courses via the course basket

• the login area for participants (“my account”)

• the administration of wish lists

9. Active Components

Javascript is used as the active component for the information supply of the VHS Weiden-Neustadt. Javascript can be switched off in the settings for your internet browser. Please note that switching this off can lead to restrictions in our service offer on the website,

10. Analysis Service and Evaluation of User Behavior (Web tracking systems)

We use the open-source program Matamo (formerly Piwik) for the design as well as the optimization of our website, Matamo uses cookies (see no. 9). The cookies (including shortened IP address) are transferred to our server and saved for user analysis. Information taken from the cookie analysis is not passed on to any third parties. You can prevent the use of cookies by changing the settings in your browser software; this can, however, result in the non-function of some areas of the website. (see no. 9)

11. Google Maps

To assist you in finding your way to us and your courses, our website (especially pages which contain course details) links to Google Maps. The view of Google Maps is initially deactivated, to activate it, just click on the icon, Google Maps will be active throughout your visit. We do not gather any of this data when you use the maps, e.g., when you click on the maps and request a route plan. Google may collect such data; please check their terms of use:

12. Information and Rights of Cancellation

At any time, you may request information regarding your saved data, without the need to provide a reason and without charge. You can have the collected data blocked, amended, or deleted at any time. You can cancel your consent for us to collect and use your data without having to provide a reason. Please contact Norbert Meißner:

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